We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

We run soley on donations such as these. Pickup expenses and daily care costs are, on average, $100 for each chinchilla we take in. Due to this our suggested donation is $100 per surrendered chinchilla. Donations can be made with cash, check and credit card. To use credit cards you will need a PayPal account. If you unable of donating the suggested surrendering donation due to a financial situation please contact us at

 First Name  Last Name
 Address  Bld., Flr., Apt #
 City  State  Zip
 Phone Number  Phone Type
Are you over 18?  
Applicant must be over 18.
If you are 17 or younger please have a parent
or guardian fill out the application.
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   Name  Age  (Yr/Mth)  Gender
   Name  Age  (Yr/Mth)  Gender
   Name  Age  (Yr/Mth)  Gender
Has your chinchilla(s) been to the vet in the last year?   Yes      No
If yes, why?
Does your chinchilla(s) have any special needs?   Yes      No
If yes, please explain
(i.e. dental problems, skin problems, seizures, phobic of people, bites...)
*Please note, we will NEVER turn away a chinchilla due to a pre-existing condition
Has your chinchilla(s) ever had a cagemate?   Yes      No
If yes, please specify?
Why are you surrendering your chinchilla(s)?  
 Is your chinchilla(s) used to cats/dogs in the home?    Yes      No
If yes, please specify?

Will you be donating your cage?  

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Due to very limited space, Chin Friends will only take in certain cages. For more information, click here.

    - Ferret Nation
    - Critter Nation
    - Prevue Hendryx
    - Metal cages w/ metal shelving
    - Anything with a plastic bottom and shelves
    - Kaytee or Marchioro, Super Pet or Petco Brands

Non-collapsible cages, such as,
    - Quality Cages or Martins Cages

We will do our best to accommodate surrenderers who have a distance to travel. We have set up multiple designated "drop off points" from eastern to western Long Island to cut drive times down.

If you are in a dire situation where you are unable to get to a drop off point please contact us at We do have a network of volunteers that help us with critical surrenders. Please, these are for serious travel concerns only as volunteers are limited.

If you are local to one of our volunteers we will be happy to come to you.

Please select any/all locations you would be able to meet at:

SUFFOLK COUNTY Westhampton Beach, NY
Selden, NY
Melville, NY

     Monday (after 6pm), Friday (after 6pm), Saturday & Sunday

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