Will you wave my Surrendering Donation?

Yes! We would prefer not to waive it, but we will. We really need your donations to get your chinchilla vet checked, buy him or her the necessary supplies to care for them for the next few weeks, months, or even years while at the rescue looking for an adopter... but not everyone can pay the $100 and that is okay!

Bottom line, the chinchillas come first. If you need to surrender your chinchilla and are in a financial crisis, we will not stop the surrendering process due to the inability to make the donation. Every little bit helps, and as we have said earlier, donations are all we have to keep these guys fed, but we will NEVER deny a chinchilla care or a roof over their head because their owner cannot come up with a donation. There are people who can pay it, and people who can't, and that is just fine. It is more important to us to take in a chin in need. Don't have the surrendering donation? We will still help. You can afford the surrendering donation? That's great! Every dollar will be put toward your chinchillas care!


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