I have an old cage/supplies to donate.
Do you want it, and where can I drop it off?

We take only GENTLY used or new supplies. We have had many generous offers, however, we have found some supplies donated that are just in poor filthy conditions and as much as it is appreciated we CANNOT use them. We have to be brutally honest - if it has pee stains, any rust, or is dirty please DO NOT DONATE it! We are a rescue, and yes, and we rely heavily on donations, but we have to maintain standards to keep these chinchillas healthy. Please do not donate items that are chewed up or items that have been opened (i.e. food, hay, treats).

Part of being a rescue means we give the chinchillas what they've DESERVED all along. That means clean and safe cages. They are expensive, no denying this - but we have been given some beautiful, virtually new Ferret Nations and other similar cages over the years and those are the ones we keep. If we wouldn't want our adopters to use it, we won't use it. Yes, there are emergencies where we will put a chin in a old or unsuitable cage to make sure the chinchilla is safe and out of whatever bad situation it was previously in, but we will upgrade the quarters as soon as possible.

What can you donate?

  • GENTLY used, good quality cages such as Ferret Nations or Quality Cages brand cages
  • NEW and UNOPENED bags of food, hay or treats
  • Bedding such as Carefresh, Yesterdays News, new or open
  • Check out our Amazon.com wish list HERE to donate NEW items to our rescue.

What SHOULDN'T I donate?

  • NO plastic cages, tanks or cages with wire bottoms
  • NO opened or old bags of food, hay or treats
  • NO gourmet pellets (we only feed with plain pellets)
  • NO chewed shelves, or anything with urine staines


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