I live out of state, in NYC or somewhere far away. Can I do a same-day adoption if I am making the trip to Long Island?

Yes! We just ask that you please make sure you have all of your supplies ahead of time! There is a thorough list of suggested supplies HERE. Yes, some items are expensive, but if you buy the right supplies the first time, you will save yourself a great deal of money in the long run. Believe us, that cheap plastic Petco brand ferret mansion you spent $100 on? It will be eaten, cracked and falling apart within a year. Spend wisely and purchase a Ferret Nation (a single unit is fine to start) and add levels to it over the next few months when you save up more money. Don't buy cheap - cheap price tag is cheap quality, and your chin will destroy it or get hurt in it. If you prepare ahead of time you can save greatly buy shopping online at sites like amazon.com or petsupplies.com. You can often find great cage like the Ferret Nation Single Unit for as little as $140 and it will last you a great deal longer.

We can pretty much guarantee that whatever chin you pick out online, you will love no matter what. We have never ever had someone come here and leave without the chin they had picked out online. We really do our best to be 100% honest with you about everything - down to illness, biting, bad habits, good habits... we lay it all out there. We do not want to have you waste your time and money on a bad relationship with the wrong chinchilla. It isn't good for you OR the chin. Be honest with us about your situation and expectations, and we will be honest with you about everything else!


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