I am looking for a chinchilla for my children. Do you have any good matches?

Likely, we will not. Young children and chinchillas are not always the best match. Chinchillas are nocturnal, delicate animals who easily get stressed. They have fragile bones that can break without much effort. They can easily die from being stressed, manhandled or fed things they should not have. We simply are not willing to adopt any chinchilla out as a child's pet. We WILL however adopt them to a family with kids, as an adult pet. This means mom and dad clean the cage, feed them and take them out. Kids should never be left alone with a chinchilla. We have had more than one chinchilla come to us with broken legs, often leading to amputation because they were dropped by a child or jumped out of their hands. There is a huge margin of error for chinchillas and children together, and even if your child is the most loving, gentle kid in the whole world, there will be a day when the chin takes a flying leap off their shoulder or out of their arms and breaks a bone... or worse. If you are looking for a pet specifically for your child a rat or a guinea pig may be a more appropriate choice.


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