Will you waived my Adoption Donation? I could use that money to pay a vet bill or buy a better cage.

No. Adoption donations are not going to be waived. Donations are the ONLY money we have to take care of the chinchillas. We need this for an extensive array of vet bills, food, cages, toys, etc. This adds up very quickly, and while we wish we did not have a need for these fees they are imperative for us to keep this rescue afloat.

Keep in mind, chinchillas in stores can range from $150-350 (depending on color variation). $100 for each chinchilla is quite fair, especially since your chinchilla is already vet checked! A vet visit could cost you $100 for a single visit alone! Please don't forget that chinchilla medical care and upkeep can be expensive. They are exotic pets with special needs. If that $100 adoption donation is too much, odds are you will not be able afford to provide this chin with what it needs and deserves for the next 20 years.


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