Chili & Fifi
Chili, 4 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla
Fifi, 5 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla

Beautiful bonded pair Chili and Fifi are ready for a forever home! Chili is a squeaker. She sits and chatters when you are near, and is so desperate for love and attention. She is very nervous around new people, and will do best in an adult only home with chin experience. Chili was very bonded to her human mom and misses her, but Fifi makes up for some of the loss. She is extremely affectionate with people she knows and trusts. Fifi is perfectly content to hang with anyone who wants to be her pal...especially if they have treats! Fifi also adores her wheel, and any adopter will need a Quality Cage Chin Spin to accommodate her. This pair needs to be in a home without small children or loud dogs. They are fine with cats and well mannered dogs. Someone with chin experience will do very well with this pair or fluffy girls.

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