Mr Chin
13 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

This senior chinchilla is ready for a forever home where he will be treated like the king!! Mr. Chin was surrendered with 4 other chinchillas who lived separately from him, after some life changes and a new baby left his owners short on time, finances and without much ability to give the chins the attention they knew they deserve. It was a sad situation, but we are so happy Mr. Chin and his pals are here with us! Mr. Chin could use a little TLC in his life. He is a bit underweight as some senior chins are, and we are giving him unlimited pellets along with some alfalfa hay, to help increase his caloric intake. He is really on board with this plan, and eats like a hog! His once luxurious fur coat is also in need of some care. He is being de-matted, and getting regular dust baths now. We hope with some time, he will be looking spiffy again for his next stage of life. If you have it in your heart to give a forever home to this senior, you will get quite a payoff- Mr. Chin is the best!! He may do well with other calm, senior male chins, but due to his small stature and need for extra attention, he will not do well with active younger chinchillas at this time.

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