Mr Chin
13 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

This senior chinchilla is ready for a forever home where he will be treated like the king!! Mr. Chin was surrendered with 4 other chinchillas who lived separately from him, after some life changes and a new baby left his owners short on time, finances and without much ability to give the chins the attention they knew they deserve. It was a sad situation, but we are so happy Mr. Chin and his pals are here with us!! Here are the basics on Mr. Chin! Mr. Chin is 13-14 years old Mr. Chin is also known as Mr. Cranky Pants Mr. Chin can take a thousand dust baths, and will still look like a ragamuffin. Mr. Chin LOVES to be pet and scratched Mr. Chin HATES to be held, and will bite hard to let you know it Mr. Chin travels around in his ceramic house, because then I don\'t get bit and he still gets to hang out, travel around and go for run-around time in a chin safe area. Mr. Chin really, really wants a forever home of his own with someone who doesn\'t mind cranky old man chinchillas.

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