2 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

Pixie was a much-loved family member who was surrendered to Chin Friends because her young owner developed a severe allergy. They tried everything to keep Pixie, but being a little girl with asthma and chronic hives because you want to hold your pet, is no fun...and certainly not fair. It was a difficult and emotional parting, but we are happy they chose to leave Pixie in our care. She is such a wonderful little chinchilla and we are honored to have the job of finding her forever home. Pixie is a gentle chinchilla who is a little scared on first meeting, but quickly warms up to be a sweet, affectionate companion. She is very fond of being pet, having her cheeks and head scratched, and of just being doted on constantly! Pixie may not do well in a bonding situation, but we have not tried to introduce her to anyone since she is so content on her own. Pixie would be an excellent chin for a first time adopter, a family with calm and gentle children, or anyone who has a lot of time to spoil and love her!

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