Lola & Mugsy
Lola, 6 Year Old Beige Female Chinchilla
Mugsy, 3 Year Old Mosaic Female Chinchilla

Lola and Mugsy are a mother/daughter duo who were recently surrendered by a lovely woman, who had an extremely hard decision to make regarding her health vs keeping these gals. Both chins are loving, calm and would be great chins for a first time adopter. Lola came from Chin Friends originally a number of years ago. Mugsy, her 3 year old Mosaic daughter, had a rear leg amputation due to a traumatic injury as a baby, but is in no way affected by being a tripod. These two girls are loving and sensitive, and would thrive in a quiet home with a lot of human interaction. They are sweet and easy to handle. Lola and Mugsy are really easy to fall in love with and will be wonderful forever-companions to you!

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