7 Year Old Beige Chinchilla

Meet Mr. Georgie!! He is really one in a million, and we adore this guy! Georgie is not quite what you would call \"special needs\", but he is special- he has a tumor in his sinuses called an Odontoma. In a larger animal or a human, this would be a surgical case. Due to his small size and the difficulty small pets have with this surgery, it is something he has to live with...but it does not get him down or effect his life in a negative way at all! Georgie is an active, fat, happy and healthy boy. You will notice that Georgie seems to be brerathing a bit heavy sometimes, and that is due to his tumor. After an extensive veterinary work up and a lot of observation and weight monitoring, it is clear this is something Georgie can live with comfortably. Georgie has normal teeth, eats like a champ and loves his wheel. He also loves humans, and will be a wonderful chin for a first time adopter. He would prefer a child free home, as to avoid any unnecessary stress on his breathing.

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