Blossom & Lily
Blossom, 5 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla
Lily, 5 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla

Blossom and Lily were surrendered from an awesome family in Massachusetts, who drove all the way here to NY to bring us these gals. After their original owner passed away, they tried to give them a home but had a hard time meeting their needs. We are very happy to have them here with us! Blossom is the chunkier girl with the scowl on her face, and Lily is her more outgoing sister. Both girls are barbering (chewing) their fur due to stress, but we\'re working on helping them chew on toys instead! We are certain with the proper environment and husbandry this habit will go away. Blossom and Lily are 5 years old, healthy and very well behaved. Blossom will chirp at you but submits to being pet and held without much of an argument. No young children, no loud or active dogs please. Cats and calm, quiet dogs are okay.

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