2 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

Mr. Quincy is long overdue for a forever home of his own! He is a fat, adorable chin that you will want to kiss and squish, but give him time to warm up to you. This poor 2 year old boy has been re-homed for the third time by coming to Chin Friends. Who can blame him for thinking humans aren\'t so great!! If you can offer this wonderful soul a calm, steady environment he will be very grateful. No kids, no dogs. Cats are fine. He may be a bonding candidate but he\'s too nervous to consider trying right now. Quincy is a good boy who does not bite or have any bad habits - he\'s just not 100% sure about being held quite yet. With enough time he will come around. You will get back every ounce of love you put in to him. Quincy will be a wonderful companion for a first time adopter, and if he is in the right home with the right person, he will be a snuggle-bug in no time. He has a whole lot of love to share :-)

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