8 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

Poor Pickle!! This amazing boy is back at Chin Friends, after just 3 months with his adopters. The family had some unrealistic expectations of what it means to have a chinchilla (like poop everywhere, chewing wires and wood, short attention span) and brought him back to us. Well, we are VERY happy to have Pickle back because he is an absolute pleasure to foster, and we know there is an amazing adopter out there for this guy! Pickle is a middle aged chinchilla, who is quite robust and healthy. He loves to eat and absolutely lives to shred his chew toys! Pickle must have been a carpenter in his last life because he spends a ton of time doing construction to his wood houses and his toys :-) As long as you have the budget to feed his toy habit, and time to spend winning over this smart and active boy, you will be very happy that you made the effort to have him in your life. Pickle would be great for a family with children, as long as they are older, calm and understand proper interaction with small pets. Like most chins, he is a wiggle boy and will not tolerate being held by small children.

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