4 Month Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

At only 4 months old, Abraham is a very small and very scared little baby. He was born into a hoarding situation, where he lived free-range in a room and had no human handling until Chin Friends. He is extremely nervous around people and other animals. With a calm, quiet environment with someone willing to go slow, he is going to thrive. Abraham is not the first unsocialized baby we have had through here, and with the right person who let\'s them come around slowly, these chins really do amazing. They want companionship and are social by nature. Abe does not bite, and when he does allow interaction he is a very sweet chin. He prefers to hide from scary things, and is a peaceful boy at heart. Abraham will only be adopted into an adult only home, with no loud dogs. He would ideally do well with another calm, male chinchilla to help him gain confidence. Abraham is a very young chin with a long life ahead of him, so please do not apply to adopt him unless you can realistically make a 15-20 year commitment to a pet.

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