8 Month Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

Grover is a very young chinchilla who came to us from a sad situation. He was owned by someone who had no idea how to take care of their chinchillas. They were allowed to roam free in the house, and were not handled. They also began to reproduce in the home. By the time we got to intervene, there were 15 chinchillas, and many were pregnant females. Grover is about 8 months old, and he is learning quickly how good humans are! He is living alone, and while he may be a good bonding candidate for the right calm, male friend, he is a little defensive and scared around other chinchillas. Grover has a long life ahead of him and must be adopted by someone who can commit to a 15-20 year lifespan. He would do best in a home that is already chinchilla savvy, and without young children or loud dogs. He has some shyness to overcome, but this little guy is longing to be loved and is going to be an awesome companion!

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