1 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

Shadow is a typical energetic young chin! He was surrendered by a young couple who were feeling overwhelmed with a new baby, and decided Shadow deserved more attention. We are happy to have this little guy here! He loves to eat, loves to shred his chew toys, and also loves people! When Shadow first came to us he had a very bad case of conjunctivitis in one of his eyes. He was in the animal hospital for about a week and a half, and we actually thought he was going to lose the eye. After eye drops and systemic antibiotics for about a month it finally cleared up! It was painful for him, and because of all the weeks of treatment he became very phobic of people grabbing him out of the cage. He was at risk of a bite if you forced him out! If you let him come to you, he was fine. This has improved dramatically with regular handling, and we are confident if approached with a slow, gentle tone he would be perfectly well behaved for anyone. Shadow is an extremely sweet boy, and will need someone willing to go slow with him, and let him trust you. It is always important to avoid forcing a chinchilla out of the cage, but with proper time and patience Shadow will thrive and be your best pal.

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