1 Year Old Black Velvet Chinchilla

Mimi came to Chin Friends from a hoarding situation of 22 chinchillas, who were all living in fish tanks. It was a filthy, sad situation and pretty horrible to see. Many of the chinchillas from this situation are thin with barbered (chewed off) fur. Mimi is one of these chins. She is very young, probably not more than 1-2 years of age. She is very skinny, and while she is eating a lot now, it will be some time before she is the pleasantly plump chinnie she is meant to be! Mimi\'s barbered (chewed) fur is also starting to grow back, and her coat will come back in full. She is super shy, but she wants to trust people very badly and is really warming up to her foster mom. She is petrified of other chinchillas, and while she may take to a bonded friend, it would have to be a very submissive, quiet female. Please put a lot of thought into adopting this chinchilla, and if a 15-20 year commitment is something you can live with. While all of our chins deserve wonderful forever homes, the stress these hoarding chins have had to endure is enough to last a lifetime, and we do not want to risk her getting passed around any further.

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