6 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

Rudolpho came to Chin Friends from a hoarding situation of 22 chinchillas, who were all living in fish tanks. It was a filthy, sad situation and pretty horrible to see. While many of the chinchillas from this situation are thin with barbered (chewed off) fur, is in pretty good shape physically, and his fur coat is definitely looking better with regular dust baths. He is a fairly young chin, probably in the 3-5 range. While his weight is not dangerously low he does need some fattening up! Rudolpho should be kept as a single chinchilla. He is content to be with people and is warming up to them quickly. He does not do well with other male chinchillas. Please put a lot of thought into adopting this chinchilla, and if a 15-20 year commitment is something you can live with. While all of our chins deserve wonderful forever homes, the stress these hoarding chins have had to endure is enough to last a lifetime, and we do not want to risk him getting passed around any further.

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