Nugget & Nova
Nugget, 11 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla
Nova, 8 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla

Nova and Nugget are two lovely ladies who are very opposite! Nova is a petite little chinchilla. She has had a history of dental issues, but after some dental work and a major diet change, she is eating and gaining weight. With proper care and diet this little girl should have a happy healthy future. While you must be vigilant about check ups and medical care with any chinchilla, you will need to be aware that Nova\'s teeth may have future problems. Nova is an attentive, friendly chinchilla and very outgoing. Her friend Nugget is about three times her size, and is so shy!! It is very funny to see her hide behind her \"little\" sister. This odd couple of chinchillas are a middle aged duo who must stay together, and will be a perfect addition to any family with the time to spend loving them. Due to Nova\'s dental history you need to take special care to monitor pellets (They like Oxbow and Science Selective brands- both available on Amazon), and must have a steady supply of timothy hay or orchard grass to keep Nova\'s teeth in check, and keep Nugget\'s weight down. If these two could live on treats they would be very happy!

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