2 Year Old Beige Chinchilla

Welcome, Titan!! This special little guy was sold at a pet store in Massachusetts, then returned. When he came back to the store he was very fearful of humans and had very little chance of finding a good forever home. Luckily a good Samaritan who is also an adopter of ours, was able to spring him from the pet store and drive Titan here to us :-) He is slowly learning how to trust people, and is gaining more confidence every day! Titan would do best with a child free, dog free home with an experienced chinchilla owner. Titan is very phobic of hands, but is finally taking treats from his foster mom. He does not bite, but he vocalizes and shakes uncontrollably if you force him out of the cage. He gets better and better as the weeks go by, and with the right person in his life Titan will definitely learn how to trust again, slowly but surely!

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