Pika & Boo
Pika, 6 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla
Boo, 7 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla

Pika and Boo are a pair of females, who have returned to our rescue after being in a wonderful forever home! Their family had a big cross country move and were sadly unable to bring htem along, so these wonderful girls are here at Chin Friends and ready to start the next chapter of their lives! Pika and Boo have had wonderful socialization thanks to the effort of their previous family, and are very calm chins who are amenable to being out of the cage and held. They LOVE treats more than anything and can be bribed quite easily! Pika and Boo will be a great option for a first time chinchilla owner, and may do well in a family with calm, older kids who want to participate in the chinchillas care.

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