Gus, Marshall
& Midnight

Gus, 3 Year Old
 Beige Male Chinchilla

Marshall, 4 Year Old
 Beige Male Chinchilla

Midnight, 8 Month Old
 Black Velvet Male Chinchilla

Gus, Marshall and Midnight are a trio of boys who are ready to find a forever home together. If you are looking for a ready-made bonded family of chins, these boys will be a great addition to your life! Midnight at 8 month old, is clearly the leader of the pack. He is very outgoing, and thanks to the TLC he got early on in life, he is wonderful with people and great about being held. His friends Gus and Marshall are very sweet boys who love to snuggle, get treats and are very happy to have pets and scratched from their favorite humans. Like most chinchillas, Gus and Marshall are a little shy on first meeting, but once they see that they are in a safe space with a loving person, they are very happy to be social! This trio would prefer an adult-only home, preferably with no loud dogs.

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