Venus & Calypso
Venus, 4 Year Old Beige Female Chinchilla
Calypso, 3 Year Old Mosaic Female Chinchilla

Venus and Calypso are a beautiful pair of females who came to us from a home that loved them very much, but were not able to properly care for them due to a personal injury. Venus and Calypso are a bit shy, but are not aggressive and do not bite. They have very poor fur quality due to lack of dust baths in the immediate past, and have had some episodes of barbering that left Calypso with some chewed fur. Now that they have a spacious cage, great food and regular dust baths, the fur chewing has stopped, is growing back in, and their fur is slowly starting to look fluffy and beautiful again. They still have some work to do on their general appearance, but their kind, calm personalities make up for it!! Once these two ladies get to know you, you will be rewarded with a lovely and loving pair that will steal your heart. These girls are total sweethearts, and may even do well being bonded to more girls.

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