2 Year Old Ebony Chinchilla

Ike came to us with what his owner thought was a cataract, but was in fact an untreated corneal ulcer. The eye was severely damaged and on the verge of rupture, and Ike was painful, thin and not looking very well. There was a lot of debate as to weather or not Ike would make it through an enucleation (removal) of the eye, but after some supportive care, his wonderful vets at Catnip and Carrots decided that this sweet boy deserved a change- and Ike pulled through with flying colors! Ike is a very mushy, sweet boy who is used to being held and handled a lot. He may do well with bonding, as long as the other boys are calm too. Ike has no fight in him when it comes to other animals, and it would be easy for another chinchilla to take advantage of that. Ike is not a special needs chin even though he only has one eye- he can still jump, run in a wheel and get around totally normal. Ike is one of a kind, and would like a home that is relatively quiet and free from small children.

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