Larry, Moe
& Curly

Larry, 2 Year Old
 Standard Grey Male Chinchilla

Moe, 2 Year Old
 Standard Grey Male Chinchilla

Curly, 2 Year Old
 Standard Grey Male Chinchilla

Larry, Moe and Curly are a wonderful trio of tiny little boys! All three together equal one fat chinchilla! They came to us as a bonded group from a 13 chinchilla surrender. Their owner was loving and as attentive as possible, but was overwhelmed by the care. As a result the coats of these boys are on the dull, ratty side. With regular dust baths they are starting to shape up and look great! We are also on a mission to fatten these boys up and get them on the plump side for their new owners. These three boys adore each other and can not be separated. If you want a petite, ready-made chin family with three of the most gentle souls around, then Larry, Moe and Curly are for you!

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