14 Year Old Beige Chinchilla

Freddy is a complete mush ball. This is a plus-sized chinchilla who\'s greatest joy in life is to sit on your shoulder and eat treats. Freddy may do well bonding with another boy because he is older and mellow, but he has been kept as a single chin his whole life and can happily stay that way, if you will be giving him above and beyond the normal amount of attention. Freddy just wants to be loved all the time. Freddy has a deformed front paw. It is in no way to be considered a hindrance on his life, it is just cosmetic. He is a happy, healthy chinchilla with more love to give than average, and will be perfect for an adopter who is retired, works from home or has an abundance of time to share with a pet. Freddy prefers men, as his owner from babyhood was a male, and he can take a few days to warm up to new people. Once he recognizes you and feels at home, he is an amazing companion who will give you endless love.

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