7 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

Asher is one of a kind!! This chin came to us from a broken home where no one was able to care for him properly, and had the loss of his cagemate. He was a VERY nervous, scared chin when we got him. To make matters worse, Asher had chronic diarrhea, and needed treatment and eventually a diet change. Well...what a difference a few months made! Asher is a new man- he is confident, funny and loving. he LOVES his foster mom\'s cats, but he is not keen on other chinchillas. We have also been able to correct his mushy stool about 90% by switching his diet to Selective- a brand easily available on Amazon, and affordable. Asher is ready for a forever home where he will get a lot of attention and love, preferably from a chin experienced person, but he will also be great for a first time adopter willing to spend time learning his quirks and forming a bond with him. No homes with children please, but cats are welcome!!

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