7 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

Asher was a bit timid when he first came to us, as he has not had the easiest time lately. He lost his human mom, and the family that Asher and his cagemate were left with, were not too sure on how to properly care for and interact with the chinchillas. His cagemate passed away shortly after leaving Asher alone and afraid. He was surrendered to us and was completely panicked. Asher took a week or so to realize that he was safe, sound, could depend on regular feeding and a clean cage and toys. He has grown more comfortable with us every day. Asher can be bonded, but he is an alfa chin and needs someone submissive if he is going to have a cage mate. Asher would benefit greatly by having another chin in his life. He is a good boy around people- he does not bite, but he gets terribly nervous until he knows you. He will hide, but eventually comes around! He is petrified of the vacuum but we are working on that. He is fine around cats, and the other chins in the room don\'t bother him. He would like a calm, quiet home with a patient owner willing to give him the time he needs to earn trust. Asher is so incredibly good and special, and we hope he finds a forever home that recognizes how wonderful he is!

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