Godzilla & Nike
Godzilla, 5 Year Old Black Velvet Male Chinchilla
Nike, 6 Year Old Standard Grey Male Chinchilla

Godzilla and Nike are an great pair of chinchillas, who are very gentle and friendly! They are a father-son pair and will not be separated. Godzilla is a special needs chinchilla because he has dental disease. His teeth are abnormal and this sometimes causes him to need dental procedures from an exotic specialist. So far he has had one dental while with us, and but he is still eating and now gaining weight like a champion! As long as Godzilla is kept on a strict diet, his teeth should need minimal care. Please do not apply to adopt these chinchillas unless you are able to commit financially to dental upkeep with an exotic doctor. All of the necessary information and referrals will be supplied to you. Routine dentals can cost between $150-$400 every 6-12 months, depending on where you go and the level of work needed.

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