4 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

Layla had a rough time recently. After being rehomed by her first owner, her second owner left her with a disabled relative...and never came back for her. The concerned \"foster mom\" called us, as she was unable to give Layla the care she needed. When we went to get Layla we found a very nervous girl in unfortunate cage conditions...but once we got her here realized quickly that she has a ton of love to give!! She has some residual barbering (fur chewing) that she started on her side, but it has improved a lot in her foster home, and will most likely stop completely once she is adopted. Like most female chins she can be a little cranky coming out of the cage on your terms- he does not bite- just barks at you :-) Layla is a perfect girl in every way really. She is so grateful to have a nice place to spend time. When she finds her forever home she will reward you with a ton of love

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