Kiki & Ely
Kiki, 6 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla
Ely, 5 Year Old Beige Female Chinchilla

Evy is a young lady who was found on a garage sale web site by another animal rescuer. She knew Evy would have a better chance at a happy life here with Chin Friends and drove about 4 hours to bring her here! Sure enough, the same day Evy got here she fell head over heels for another new, single female...Kiki. Kiki is incredibly sweet and loving toward everyone- human or chinchilla. Evy is much more confident now and feels safe and loved with Kiki as her best friend. These two wonderful, calm and easy to handle girls are being adopted out as a pair, and would prefer a family without young children unless they are very calm and generally quiet. They are very mellow and will be very happy in an adult only household. They will also tolerate cats and calm dogs with no problem.

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