Fiona & Ogham
Fiona, 13 Year Old Standard Grey Female Chinchilla
Ogham, 15 Year Old Cremino Neutered Male Chinchilla

Ogham is a neutered male chin who lost his mate a while ago. He is very happy to have found Fiona here in our rescue! They are about the same age, and in good health. Ogham has occasional dental issues, but his teeth are under control for now and he is doing very well on a special pellet diet we converted him to. He still eats hay, and LOVES treats of all kinds. Ogham is great with people and with other chinchillas. His larger than life companion, Fiona, has a personality to match her size! She is very active and very opinionated...but when she likes someone, she is a total lap chin. They both love each other and love attention from their favorite humans.These two may be an older couple, but they have a lot of love and a lot of life left to share with the right person! Ogham has had two dental trimmings over the past year and a half. They are not major surgeries, just routine spur trimming which is sometimes routine with older chinchillas. He may need it done again at some pint in the future, but with proper diet that can be a long time away!

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