7 Year Old Standard Grey Chinchilla

Chinnie is quite a wonderful chinchilla, and full of personality!! She is sweet, interactive, does not bite and she rings a little bell in her cage for attention. The only thing about Chinnie is that like some other female chins, she will pee at you if you are a stranger. She is not cage aggressive, but she is definitely not a fan of strangers grabbing her out of the cage! Once she knows you she will be out the door and in your arms as quick as can be...but you will have to earn that over a few days or weeks! Chinnie is a happy, healthy, plump and calm 8 year old who is quite calm around cats and other animals. If you are chin experienced you will have her bonded to you in no time. If you are a first time adopter, you will have to learn how \"special\" our peeing girls are, and how to properly introduce yourself to an opinionated female chinchilla! Chinnie adores people, and although she may be able to get bonded to another female chin, she will do very well as a single chin if she is getting the attention she deserves from her adopter.

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