Temperance &
Temperance, 6 Year Old Beige Female Chinchilla
,   Old   Chinchilla

Sage and Temperance are passing through our rescue for the second time, but it is no fault of their own! Their adopters had them for about three years but are relocation across the country due to work, and are not in a position to bring the chins with them. Luckily they brought them back to us so we can make sure the next chapter in the lives of Sage and Temperance will be another safe and happy home- this time hopefully forever! Sage and Temperance are big, robust girls who are used to people and being handled. They are used to having a lot of freedom, as they were the only pets, and are NOT happy when they have to go back in the cage! You may get a nip from Temperance if you force her to do something she does not want to do! She is not aggressive, just a bossy girl. The easiest way around that is to transport her using her dust bath instead of grabbing her against her will. If something is \"her decision\" then she is sweet as can be! Sage on the other hand is a total mush ball, and will go along with whatever you, or her sister decides <3 This pair will be fine for a first time adopter if they are respectful of the chins opinions and willing to give them all the time, attention and exercise they need to thrive. They may not be good for families with younger children, as these girls have boundaries that kids may cross resulting in a nip or two.

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