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If you are thinking of adopting a chinchilla from us, there are a few things you should consider first:

Can I provide a safe, quiet place for a chinchilla?  More Information

Can I provide air conditioning in warm months?  More Information

Can I give a loving home to an animal that may live 15-20 years?  More Information

Can I provide the necessary veterinary care?  More Information

Can I provide adequate cage space?  More Information

If all of these items are reasonable for you to accept, simply fill out the form below and check out our list of adoptable chinchillas to pick out your new friend!

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Applicant must be over 18.
If you are 17 or younger please have a parent
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Have you ever owned a chinchilla?   Yes      No
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What is your chinchilla(s) gender? Male      Female
Will you be introducing your current chinchilla(s) with your new chinchilla(s)? Yes      No
Are their other pets in your household?   Yes      No
If yes, what animal(s)?  
Are there children in the home under age 12?   Yes      No
If yes, will they be handling the chinchilla?  
(If yes, we will try to pair you with a calmer chin
that comes from a home with children)
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Which chinchillas
are you interested in?
Mr Chin, (Male)
Chichi & Ebby (Male)
 Please tell us a little about yourself:  
 How did you hear about our rescue?  
 If other, please list:  

By submitting this form, the the adopter agrees to provide a safe, caring home to our ChinFriends Chinchilla Rescue adoptee, as well as, a proper diet and cage space, enrichment activities and veterinary care from a chinchilla-savvy doctor when needed. If at any time you are no longer able to provide this, you will return the chinchilla to ChinFriends Chinchilla Rescue. You also understand that although the chinchilla may have been examined by a vet, ChinFriends Chinchilla Rescue can not guarantee the health of any animal it adopts out, and will not be held responsible if something happens while under your care. If you agree to these terms and conditions, please submit this form and we will address your application you within 48 hours.

Please note, we have the right to refuse any application without explanation.

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