We will never turn away a chinchilla based on age or health status. All chinchillas will be given a thorough vet exam when they are surrendered, and then adopted out based on their special needs. To help off-set the cost of this level of care, we have a suggested surrendering donation of $100, in the form of cash, check or money order. This also helps us provide long term food, shelter and enrichment for your chinchilla until a proper adopter comes along. You will get a receipt for your donation, but because we are not yet a non-for-profit, this may not be tax deductable. Remember, it's all about the chinchillas! Anything you can give will help!

We will happily take chinchillas from other shelters or rescues if needed.


Many chinchillas come to us with cages, although we may not have room for yours.

Due to space restrictions we can't guarantee we can take your chinchilla's cage, but we will make sure he or she has a proper, spacious, comfortable home while it is with us, and once it gets adopted. If we do take your cage, please make sure it is clean (as possible) and free of rust or dangerous sharp edges or cracks.


If you have multiple chinchillas, you may request to keep them together providing they are NOT male/female pairs (unless the male is neutered).

We will not promote pregnancy in our rescue chinchillas. If you would like us to try and bond your solo chinchilla with a new friend, we will do that if one is available, and adopt it out as part of a pair.


Please bring us a new or full bag of the pellet your chinchilla is currently eating.

We strive to get all of our chins on Oxbow brand pellets, or a similar quality non-gourmet pellet, but the process can be long and we want the transition to be gradual.


Please give us at least 48 hours to respond to you.

We usually have a volunteer come pick up your chinchilla, but sometimes it can be helpful for us to have you meet us half way, or bring the chinchilla to us. We will do our best to accommodate you, and make the transition as easy as possible on you and your chinchilla.

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